Property Tips

Garbage Disposals

  • Scraping your leftovers from plates and dishes into the trash is recommended.
  • Run cold water while you use your disposal.
  • If you disposal is jammed one of the best ways to fix the issue is to us an allen wrench to free the unit. From the underneath of the disposal place the allen wrench in the middle of the disposal. There should be a slot for the allen wrench to fit in and turn. See youtube link for more info.
  • There is a reset button on the bottom or the on the side of the unit. Check to see if it needs pressed in.
  • Click here for youtube videos

Plumbing - Clogged drain

If toilets, sinks, or floor drains become slow to drain an accordion style plunger is highly recommended... don't waste money and time on the cheaper plungers!

Plumbing - Running toilet

If there is a constant noise from the toilet it could be a failed seal at the toilet flapper.

Click here for youtube videos how to change a toilet flapper

Plumbing - Water Leaks

  • If an active leak is noticed without the use of a faucet/fixture the leak is typically in the water supply line. It is important to shut off the main water line (typically located in the basement of the property) or possibly in the utility closet) immediately. If the main water line can't be located, and the water leaking is hot water, there is typically a shut off for the hot water above the water heater. If no shut off can be found please contact property manager and/or citizens energy immediately.
  • If a leak is noticed only when water is being ran in a specific spot please stop using that faucet/fixture until repaired. It is typically a leak in the drain pipes

Power - Tripped Breaker

If the power stops working on an appliance, outlet, or light it might be that a breaker has tripped. make sure whatever has stopped working is in the off position. Find the breaker that has tripped and reset the breaker.

Click here for youtube videos on resetting circuit breakers


  • Citizens Energy Group (Gas, Water, Sewer) - Website
  • Indianapolis Power & Light - Website
  • Spectrum (Cable TV, Internet, Phone) - Website
  • AT&T - Website
  • Simplisafe Alarm Systems - Website
  • Republic Recycling - Website